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The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route that stretches across Spain, with pilgrims walking the path to honour St. James. The journey takes about 100 kilometers (almost 600 miles!) and can take anywhere from 8 days to 3 months, depending on whether you’re doing it alone or with a group.

The Story

We envisioned a new version of this app that would help guide pilgrims from one location to another with GPS tracking and turn-by-turn directions, using augmented reality and interactive maps to encourage people to explore more of what the route to Santiago has to offer. It also would provide tips on safe spots to eat, sleep, which shops were open late at night, and even where they could find free Wi-Fi if they needed it. Our main objectives were: Bring Santiago’s local guides expertise to an international audience Launch a flexible and accessible map system to guide pilgrims Make multilingual and content rich guides for the Camino


We wanted to add a little bit of fun to their experience when they arrived at the end of their journey in Santiago de Compostela, so we designed a series of Instagram stickers using Spark AR that would be available for users from all over the world to engage with. The stickers were bright and joyous, but also easy to use so that even those without much previous experience with AR could use them.

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